About Us


What makes us different?

What makes us different?

HINO Electric Power Company offers prospects Straight Forward, Easy to Understand Contracts, with No Tricks or Gimmicks. Hino Electric is flexible in the pricing, terms and other contractual options offered to end-users.

Understanding the HINO Difference

What changes when you switch to the Hino Electric Power Company?

One-size-fits all energy pricing is now obsolete, as is the slow and inefficient customer service that characterized the pre-deregulation era. As an REP, our primary responsibility to our customers is in improving pricing options and customer service. Every customer is designated an individual account representative that is available at all times to facilitate better service.

What stays the same no matter what? No matter who your business chooses as your energy provider, your current Distribution and Transmission Utility will continue to maintain poles, wires, and respond to any service interruptions.

Our Mission

Hino Electric Power Company will always be vigilant in providing you with the most pricing options, most flexible terms, and the best One-on-One Customer Service with our “Open Door Policy”.

Hino Electric offers prospects Straight Forward Contracts and offering the most competitive price.

Because Hino Electric Power Company provides low-cost electricity exclusively to Texas electric users, we’re focused on your needs. Our innovative, business-focused approach makes electric service easier for you to manage and understand. The same electricity at significant savings.

Alex Hinojosa, Jr. is President and CEO of Hino Electric Power Company, a Texas-based company which sells retail electric power to residential, commercial, industrial and governmental entities in ERCOT. Alex’s 14 year career in the Texas electric market has spanned all aspects of the retail power business from leading a sales force focused on the acquisition of commercial and industrial customers during the advent of deregulation in Texas, to overseeing all front, mid and back office operations, to the management of all hedging responsibilities. Today, Alex oversees all aspects of Hino Electric Power Company including regulatory compliance, customer service, call center operations, billing, customer retention and sales, and wholesale power purchasing, forecasting and hedging. With the ethics of honesty, hard work, integrity and a “never give up” attitude, Alex has worked to save Hino Electric’s customers money since 2003 by avoiding risk and hedging prudently and economically. Hino Electric’s customers include cities, school districts, water and irrigation districts, cable and gas utilities, fast food chains, convenience store chains, furniture store chains, plastic injection molders, beer distributors, banks and many other commercial end users. Many of Hino Electric’s customers have remained with Alex since day one due to his market insight, integrity and ability to advise his customers to make the prudent hedging decisions, providing his customers the best service and most cost-effective energy pricing and hedging strategies and thus a competitive economic advantage over other market participants.